NSSF To Raise Standards Game In UK


10 April 2003

A major initiative to help 'raise the game' for standards across the UK was published on Tuesday 8th April.

Led jointly by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), British Standards Institution (BSI) and CBI; the National Standardization Strategic Framework (NSSF) document intends to help UK businesses champion standards and place standardization on their boardroom agenda.

The document details the advantages that standards and standardization can bring to the UK economy including an important contribution to economic performance, and the facilitation of competitiveness.

The NSSF framework document highlights six key areas for attention; Business, Government, Infrastructure, Innovation, International, and Awareness and Education. Implementation activity is provided for each area, for example;


  • a network of business contacts who will help to establish standardization priorities and define sector-specific opportunities for UK business
  • the use of standardization to secure public sector purchasing efficiencies, and increase opportunities for SMEs
  • a National Standardization system, led by the National Standards Body BSI to provide a range of infrastructure standardization systems, including informal options
  • an International Infrastructure to build on UK influence and commercial interests through an international network of contacts
  • an Innovation Watch to identify and address specific opportunities, and apply standardization to new and emerging fields
  • an educational campaign to provide materials required to embed standardization in the formal education curriculum

Commenting on the publication of the NSSF document, Sir David John, BSI Chairman, said, "Standards, in one form or another, have always underpinned trade and business; used in the right way, they can really help to facilitate economic growth. The NSSF document is a major benefit for any organization looking to raise its performance through use of the

standardization system and, by doing so, facilitate business competitiveness in the UK."

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