BSI Fights Fire with Standards


18 December 2003

Leisure Industry to benefit from new fire safety standards

Evacuating buildings during emergency situations is being made easier and safer with a new code of practice being introduced by the Business Information division of BSI Group. Part 9 of BS 5839:2003 (Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings) will cover the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of emergency voice communication systems.

This code of practice primarily relates to the use of emergency voice communication systems (EVC) assisting fire-fighters and those responsible for evacuating large buildings such as sports stadia and concert halls in fire emergency situations, including evacuation of disabled persons.

EVC systems allow personnel to communicate with one another during emergency situations in and around buildings. It also provides recommendations for the planning and maintenance of such systems.

David Williams of BSI says: "This is a significant standard especially for the leisure industry, for example, as it helps ensure the health and safety of everyone should a fire start at a sports tournament or music concert where the potential for chaos and confusion is higher."

This Code of Practice gives:

  • building managers assistance in the initial evacuation process, when communicating with a fire control centre
  • guidance to those who specify, design, manufacture, install, commission, service and use such emergency voice communication systems
  • disabled persons the ability to alert others of their presence in refuges during fire and other emergency
  • the assurance that high standards of reliability, safety and security are achieved, together with acceptable standards of performance.
    BS 5839-9:2003 also provides recommendations for the planning and maintenance of EVC in and around buildings and at sports, entertainment and similar venues.

To order BS 5839-9:2003 contact BSI Business Information Customer Services quoting reference 5839A-N. Tel: 020 8996 9001, Fax 020 8996 7001. The price is £74.00 and £37.00 for BSI Subscribing Members.


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