Wombat Security: SaaS-based security awareness training

In just 10 minutes, Wombat Security Technologies interactive software training modules can vastly reduce an organization's susceptibility to cyber-attacks.

Increasingly, more security breaches are traced back to the end user – the employee. Organizations invest heavily in technologies to protect and prevent their infrastructure from being infiltrated, but what happens when the last link – the employee - isn't secure?

Wombat Security Technologies, a SaaS-based security awareness assessment and training solution, trains employees how to recognize and avoid cyber-attacks. Wombat's platform integrates software-based interactive training, mock cyber-attacks, reporting, and administrative capabilities, into one easy to use system – for both the administrator and the user.

Wombat Security's training techniques have been proven over time and adopted as accepted learning principles. The software is designed to create "teachable moments" where users learn quickly and effectively. Users learn by doing and are provided immediate feedback to enhance retention. User interaction data collected throughout the training program allows administrators to identify organizational weaknesses to target training.

Wombat's continuous methodology

Wombat Security's continuous methodology

Applied to organization-wide information security training, these techniques can provide immediate, tangible, long-term results in educating employees and improving your company's overall security posture.

Wombat's award-winning Customer Technical Support team assists customers globally with implementation, training, technical support, and best practices guidance. They are experts at providing ongoing support for security awareness programs and assessments, including template selection or any customizations desired. In addition, they will supply you with sample project plans, communication email templates, and technical advice to use in your security education program.

Wombat Customer Technical Support will also follow-up with you throughout your license term to offer refresher training for new project personnel, assistance with scaling the program and ongoing technical support.

The Wombat approach is about results

Organizations have used the Wombat methodology to reduce successful external phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%.

Organizations that have used Wombat's Continuous Training Methodology have experienced significant reductions in susceptibility to phishing attacks and the malware infections that often accompany them. They've also realized other benefits, including fewer helpdesk calls, increased reporting of security incidents, and measurable improvements in behaviour metrics.