Why choose Kitemark

Exclusive to BSI, Kitemark is a voluntary certification mark that shows a product or service meets the applicable and appropriate British, European, International other recognized standard for quality, safety, performance, and trust. 

Kitemark market awareness

  • The Kitemark is recognized by 82% of the UK adult population
  • The Kitemark is recognized by 78% of 18-24 year olds
  • 73% of Kitemark product certification clients claim that the Kitemark helped them to win more business and sell more to existing customers*
  • 75%* of UK adults state that the presence of a Kitemark helps them choose between products. 
  • 93% of the UK adult population believe a Kitemark product is safe.

Benefits of the Kitemark

Of consumer who are aware of the Kitemark:

TRUST: 88% have more trust in Kitemark products

PURCHASE INTENTION: 80% say they will buy Kitemark products in the future

ADVOCACY: 73% are more willing to recommend a Kitemark product

PRICE PREMIUM: 69% are willing to spend more on Kitemark products

REPUTATION: 88% believe a Kitemark product comes from a reputable company

CHOICE: 75% believe that the presence of a Kitemark makes it easier to choose between products 

SAFETY: 93% believe that a Kitemark product is safer

REASSURANCE: 89% state that they can trust a Kitemark product more than others

QUALITY: 91% say that the Kitemark gives them a reassurance of quality

HONESTY: 83% state that the Kitemark is honest and genuine

INTELLIGENCE: 77% believe the Kitemark shows they have purchased intelligently

*Source: GfK NOP Consumer Survey - July 2006

Why Kitemark?

Kitemark stands for quality, safety and trust so if a product carries a Kitemark customers will know that it has been independently tested on a regular basis and that it will perform to that consistent quality every time.

The Kitemark has for very many years been considered Great Britain’s premier symbol of product or service quality that brings real and  tangible benefits to license holders. 

  • Reduced risk - Kitemark demonstrates and supports due diligence and duty of care to your industry, employees, suppliers, and customers
  • Improved efficiency - through reducing costs and waste you should be able to realize a more healthy profit in your business
  • Customer satisfaction - happy, confident customers will bring unrivaled benefits to your business through repeat business and recommendation
  • Access to new business - with public and private sector procurement managers increasingly specifying Kitemark, you can secure your access to these tenders and projects
  • Reputation - Kitemark is a Business Superbrand in its own right and has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers manufacturers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competitors, which customers want and recognize. 

More Kitemark benefits

  • Helps you stand out from your competitors
  • Provides a vital commercial edge
  • Shows your customers that you deliver quality, safe products, or services
  • Gives you access to tender for larger projects
  • Provides specifiers and purchasing professionals with peace of mind that they have insisted on the best products for their projects
  • You have been independently audited or tested to ensure that you consistently deliver such quality, safe, reliable products, or services
  • Your customers have reassurance in your product's performance or service quality
  • Kitemark certification can be used as proof of due diligence
  • Applying Kitemark standards can help you reduce risk
  • Kitemark certification can help increase sales by generating new and repeat business