Discover the story
of the BSI Kitemark™
For over 120 years, the BSI Kitemark has been a symbol of innovation, security, quality and safety. Looking ahead, the Kitemark will help us to be future ready and make the best of upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Join us on a journey to the stars with the Kitemark - accelerating progress and facilitating new possibilities for a safe, secure, sustainable tomorrow.

BSI is formed from an original committee of 6 members.
Kitemark goes global.
The first licence for the use of the Kitemark is issued to the American organisation, the General Electric Company.
Innovation is supported by the Kitemark.

Originally known as the British Standard Mark, the BSI Kitemark was first registered as a trademark for tramway rails in June 1903. Standardisation reduced the number of rail sizes from 75 to 5. Over the next 120 years the Kitemark would grow into one of Britain’s most important and well-recognised consumer quality marks. (Source: BSI - Our History)
Kitemark supports construction boom.

During the 1930s construction boom, manufacturers of bricks, cement and roofing tiles choose to use the BSI Kitemark to certify the quality and safety of their materials. (Source: Boyle, 1930s construction boom)
Kitemark makes its comic debut.

The lead character brags about the strength and implied quality of Kitemark Certified windows in an edition of the legendary TinTin comics. (Source: © Hergé/Tintinimaginatio 2023)
Kitemark Clients in it for the long-haul.

BSI Kitemark licenses are issued for copper pipe fittings that are still going strong today. This becomes the longest serving BSI Kitemark in existence. (Source: BSI)
Kitemark continues to drive safety.

The BSI Kitemark becomes compulsory for motorcycle helmets and car seat belts. A new Kitemark testing facility opens in the same year. (Source: BSI)
Kitemark becomes a popular household name.

The BSI Kitemark continues to grow in popularity as Britain’s household goods industry takes it on to certify the quality of domestic furniture and pressure cookers. (Source: BSI)
Kitemark certification is focused on protecting the youngest to the eldest in our homes.

Kitemark certification further supports trust and confidence in household products. Testing begins on children’s toy flammability, mattress filling and paraffin heaters. (Source: BSI)
Kitemark reinforces car safety.
12 years after the Kitemark is a necessary certification for car seat belts, the Kitemark assures confidence in the safety of millions of people as it is applied to over five million seatbelts. (Source: British Pathé, Youtube)
Boosting the security of your home.
The home security industry turns to BSI Kitemarking to certify the quality and effectiveness of door locks and alarm systems. (Source: BSI)
Quality standards are established for businesses.
BSI publishes the UK’s first management systems quality standard which leads to the popular ISO 9000 series of standards. Forming a crucial part of many Kitemark certification programs, this ultimately benefits millions of organisations across the world. (Source: BSI)
Kitemark goes Back to the Future!
The iconic DeLorean car grew even more famous when it featured in the first Back to the Future film. Did you know that the windows of the DeLorean were BSI Kitemark certified?
BSI Kitemark bursts onto screens with Fireman Sam.
After a surprise appearance on children's TV classic Fireman Sam, the BSI Kitemark gains popularity as the people’s Mark of Trust. Click the link to see how Fireman Sam puts his trust in the BSI Kitemark™.
Alan Partridge backs the Kitemark.
Kitemark gets another TV appearance as concern over the safety of Beefeater Bear weighs on Alan Partridge, as he explains why “nothing gets into my caravan without a Kitemark”. Click the link to see Steve Coogan’s comedy character swearing by the BSI Kitemark.
Kitemark supports clean energy.
As the global drive for cleaner energy continues, BSI’s Kitemark is used by manufacturers of renewal energy solutions to certify the quality of their technologies. These include solar panels, heat pumps and biomass heating systems. (Source: BSI)
Kitemark underpins trust and confidence in smart devices.
As the global number of internet-enabled devices reaches almost 15 billion, technology manufacturers rely on the BSI Kitemark to help improve the standards and security of connected devices. (Source: BSI)
BSI Kitemark on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
The BSI Kitemark features on the TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? with Jeremy Clarkson. Click the link to watch the clip and see how the contestant scores!
Covid-19 pandemic - Kitemark certification supports millions including nurses and doctors.
BSI ensures the safeguarding of the public during the pandemic, testing PPE (personal protective equipment) such as face coverings to ensure that they provide ample particle filtration and breathability. This Kitemark for face coverings helps millions of people including nurses and doctors around the world to stay safe. (Source: BSI)
Making lithium-ion batteries safer.
With the rise in reliance on lithium-ion battery technology, BSI certifies and applies the Kitemark to new and advanced lithium fire suppression equipment. (Source: Siemens, Youtube)
Assisting carbon neutral initiatives.
Carbon Neutral Kitemark product certification becomes available to manufacturers around the globe who want to prove their product’s carbon neutral status. (Source: BSI)
Tech and AI rely
on BSI standards.
As artificial intelligence continues to advance at an astronomical pace, BSI helps tech developers to ensure safety and information security through Kitemark certification. (Source: University of Queensland)
Assuring the safety of new hydrogen boilers.
As hydrogen boilers become the standard in new homes, the BSI Kitemark gives consumers confidence their hydrogen boilers are safe and sustainable. (Source: British Gas and Valiant)
Safeguarding Smart PPE as it protects the workforce.
As the global PPE (personal protective equipment) market becomes more reliant on IoT technology and predictive models for accident reduction, the Kitemark helps to make it safe, reliable and digitally secure. (Source: Intellinium)
Certifying zero emission air taxis.
Kitemark certification assures autonomous zero emission air transportation companies and their loyal customers of the safety, security and sustainability of their ‘air taxi’ vehicles. (Source: Techradar, Morgan Stanley)
Kitemark certifies self-driving carbon neutral cars.
The BSI Kitemark is used to certify safety, carbon-neutrality and security for self-driving car manufacturers as they reach the mass consumer market. (Sources: UK Government,McKinsey,Deloitte)
Remanufactured mobile devices.
Driven by environmental considerations, refurbished and remanufactured phone sales overtake brand new phone sales. The BSI Kitemark provides consumers with the confidence that their Kitemark certified remanufactured or refurbished device is still of excellent quality. (Source: Techradar, Vodafone, WARC)
Nuclear fusion certified by BSI Kitemark.
Advancements in nuclear fusion power technology consign fossil fuels to the past. The BSI Kitemark steps in to certify the safety and effectiveness of new fusion technologies. (Source: National Geographic, Physics World)
Kitemark supports commercial space travel safety.
Commercial space travel begins to take off, supported by the BSI Kitemark to certify quality, safety and security for next-generation spacecraft. (Sources: RAND corporation,,Interesting Engineering)
Healthcare nanotech backed by the Kitemark.
The BSI Kitemark helps to certify new standards in nanotechnology healthcare, leading to advanced applications in medicine and better health outcomes across the planet. (Sources: Quantumrun, Forbes, National Library of Medicine)
Hydrogen fuel cells get the Kitemark treatment.
As the green hydrogen economy takes off, BSI’s Kitemark is used to verify the energy delivery capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells in passenger cars. (Sources: PwC and The International Energy Agency)
Kitemark soars alongside carbon neutral autonomous flying vehicles.
The aerospace and passenger vehicle industries launch their first autonomous flying vehicle to the consumer market, with BSI Kitemarks helping to verify the safety and environmental standards of components used in vertical take-off modules. (Source: Morgan Stanley)
Kitemark secures UK’s first autonomous city.
As the global drive for cleaner energy continues, BSI’s Kitemark is used by manufacturers of renewable energy solutions to certify the quality of their technologies. These include solar panels, heat pumps and biomass heating systems. (Sources: PwC, Deloitte, YouTube)
BSI assists biotech sector in extending human life.
BSI works with the biotechnology sector to certify the safety and effectiveness of ground-breaking life extension therapies. (Source: Age and Ageing)
Interstellar travel Kitemarked for quality and security.
Manufacturers of interstellar travel capsules use the BSI Kitemark to certify the quality of their information security systems and hyperdrive components, leading to the Kitemark reaching new planets and star systems. (Sources:, YouTube)
Kitemark ensures quality of cryogenic chambers.
As cryogenic freezing reaches the consumer market, BSI’s Kitemark helps ensure that freezing chambers are manufactured to the safest standards for human use. (Source: The Guardian)