CE Marking Essentials Training Course

All companies that sell products on the European market must be able to demonstrate that the products meet applicable EU requirements. CE marking is the manufacturer’s declaration to the authorities that the product meets all the requirements placed on it by the relevant Directives.

The consequence of not having full control of their CE marking can be costly, especially if there is an incident with the product or if the product fails a market surveillance by the responsible authority.

This course seeks to provide you with the information to develop an understanding of CE Marking Essentials and enable you to understand and identify relevant Directives and Regulations, along with covering other product legislation. It is aimed at companies who manufacture, import or distribute products for sale or use within the European Economic Area.

Our 1-day CE Marking course will provide an overview of European CE marking regulations for products, as well as provide guidance on what manufacturers obligations are in terms of meeting them. With access to our extensive experience of helping manufacturers on a daily basis with this challenge, our trainers will guide you through all the steps in the CE Marking process, from legal requirements, test requirements through to preparing a technical file and your DoC - Declaration of Conformity.

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Gain knowledge of CE marking and be able to explain it to others
  • Understand how to demonstrate compliance
  • Know how to make a Declaration of Conformity
  • Learn how to complete a technical file
  • Identify an opportunity for improvement