Transfer your certification to BSI

How to transfer your certification

If you’ve taken the trouble to certify your organisation, you’ll want to gain the maximum benefit from it – so it makes sense to transfer certification to BSI.  

Why transfer to BSI?

First of all, you’ll be able to display a BSI Certification Mark, an invaluable asset that’s internationally associated with excellence and best practice, and you’ll want to promote the fact that you’re certified by the world’s leading certification body for management systems.

But the benefits cut much deeper than that. Crucially, you’ll be able to get more value from your certification and kickstart a process of ongoing business development and growth.

Once you’ve transferred to BSI, our regular reassessments will focus not just on maintaining compliance but on continual improvement. We will give you feedback to help your business grow and develop, and bring an outside perspective to your existing quality management system so we can see where it’s working well, where it needs improvement, and where additional opportunities exit to improve how you work.

At the same time the re-assessment will meet the requirement for a review of your entire quality management system every three years. That’s something you would have had to do anyway, but we’ll take care of it for you.  

It’s easy to switch to BSI

Switching to BSI is quick and easy.

  1. Simply speak to our Sales team and we will explain our transfer process and help you complete your application form.
  2. We will then review your current certificate and then issue a BSI certificate.
  3. Six months later we will undertake a surveillance audit to close out any minor non-conformities that may have been raised from your previous registrar’s audit.
  4. This will begin a process of continual improvement through a three-year cycle of six-monthly reassessments – helping and challenging you to work more efficiently and effectively.