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AS/EN 9100 series is changing


AS/EN 9100 series, the aerospace quality management system standards that are based on ISO 9001 are changing. All organizations currently certified to AS/EN 9100/9110/9120 will need to successfully transition by 15th September 2018. All audits after 15 June 2017 will be to the revised standards.

AS 9100 revision update – September 2016

The AS/EN/JISQ 9100 series of quality management standards for the aerospace industry are being updated to reflect the changes in the revised ISO 9001:2015 upon which the standards are based. 

AS 9100D has just been published in English, and the EN version is due out in early October. Translation into other languages is underway, but currently we cannot give an indication of when they will be available

What does this mean for clients who are certified to the current version of the standard?

No matter whether you are certified to AS 9100, AS/EN 9100, or JISQ 9100, you can still start your transition plans irrespective of where you are located.

All clients who are certified to the current version of the standards will need to transition to the new version of the standard by 15th September 2018. This date remains unchanged.

The sooner you start your transition preparations the sooner you will benefit.

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AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management

Navigate the many regulations of the aerospace industry and achieve full compliance with AS9100 (BS EN 9100).  This is the industry-recognized standard of quality and risk management. Put safety and reliability first and follow the example of the world’s leading aerospace companies.

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