BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

The BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials helps packaging organizations provide safe and suitable packaging and packaging materials to the appropriate hygiene standard for food as well as for non-food applications.

By using a hazard and risk-based approach that addresses site hygiene standards, printed packaging controls, product inspection and the control of foreign bodies, certified organizations and their customers can be confident that their packaging is fit for purpose and will not be a potential contamination risk. The six core requirements cover:

  • senior management commitment
  • hazard and risk management
  • product safety and quality management
  • site standards
  • product and process control
  • personnel

The requirements are specially focused on the unique packaging material manufacturing technologies for glass manufacture and forming, papermaking and conversion, metal forming, rigid plastics forming, flexible plastics manufacture as well as other manufacturing and print and chemical processes.

Why choose the BRCGS packaging standard?


  • Globally recognized and GFSI benchmarked
  • Recognized by retailers around the world, reducing the burden of multiple audits
  • Reduced product recalls, complaints and rejected products
  • Increases customer confidence, opening new market opportunities
  • Clearly defined risk-based requirements

The journey to certification

Whether you’re more concerned about meeting the requirements of your customers or protecting consumers, certifying to the BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials can drive meaningful change in your organization. From information to certification, no matter how far along you are, BSI can support your journey. Want to know more about the requirements of the standard, the steps to certification or how BSI is here to help?