The Keymark was created in response to a European Council resolution which invited the European standards organisations (CEN/CENELEC) to establish a harmonised expression of conformity with European standards (ENs). The mark is recognised in the majority of EC countries and is accepted as being equivalent to their own national certification marks.

Keymark - a dual assurance

Keymark certification is available across a diverse range of products in the construction sector. Product assessment covers both safety and, where appropriate, performance requirements defined in the relevant CEN and CENELEC standards.

The purchaser benefits from the dual assurance of a system that, like the BSI Kitemark, assesses both product and a producer’s manufacturing facilities.

Keymark for thermal insulation products

The Keymark for thermal insulation products will assist specifiers and purchasers to differentiate between products conforming to the legally required minimum (safety) characteristics in the European Economic Area, as indicated by the CE marking, and products conforming to the complete European product standard.

The most significant characteristic for thermal insulation products - the declared thermal conductivity - is based on test results from registered test laboratories that have shown to be experts in the field.

Which standards?

 BSI is empowered by CEN to issue the Keymark against the following European standards: 

  • EN 13162
  • EN 13163
  • EN 13164
  • EN 13165
  • EN 13166
  • EN 13167
  • EN 13168
  • EN 13169
  • EN 13170
  • EN 13171