BSI is a founding signatory to the ENEC agreement and can issue the ENEC mark on behalf of CENELEC in the UK. The mark is applicable for Electro technology products such as IT equipment, Lighting fittings and their components and capacitors, mains connector and cord sets.

At present there are 24 signatories to the ENEC agreement ensuring the ENEC mark provides market acceptance throughout Europe.

Obtaining the mark

The procedure for obtaining the ENEC mark is similar to that for obtaining the Kitemark and, as such, offers many of the same benefits.

Product type testing

As a certification body, BSI tests the electrical safety and performance, where applicable, in accordance with the relevant European Norms. Among other things, this entails inspection of the protection against accessibility of live parts, temperature under normal and abnormal conditions, mechanical strength and leakage current. BSI only grants the ENEC certification mark when it has been established that there is compliance with the relevant EN's.

The type test is usually carried out in the BSI laboratory, however, the possibility exists for such testing to be conducted on the manufacturer's premises based on Supervised Manufacturer's Testing (SMT) or other equivalent CCA procedures.

Acceptance of the factory location

The manufacturer must carry out a minimum set of routine tests as defined, for each product category in the ENEC agreement.  The agreement also requires that products are subjected to systematic quality checks throughout the entire production process using established quality systems techniques.