BSI Kitemark for Luminaires

Make sure your product stands out from competition

The luminaire market continues to grow and change, placing manufacturers under constant pressure to differentiate their products from others. But without an approved stamp of quality, safety and performance, this could be challenging.

The luminaire marketplace is highly competitive and manufacturers often use inconsistent values to market their products to consumers. This means customers are unable to make informed decisions about their purchase and rely on CE marking alone. As this comprises a manufacturer’s self-declaration alone, the mark cannot always be trusted when it comes to quality and reliability.

BSI Kitemark™ scheme for Luminaires

The luminaires market includes lighting applications for residential, commercial, industrial, architectural, and outdoor purposes. The drive for the cost saving and phase out of incandescent and halogen bulbs led to significant increase in the manufacturing of LED products. In order to create some form of differentiation, companies tend to produce their own test reports. However, these test reports are not validated and hence the values claimed are often unclear or even misleading for customers and consumers. With significant proportion of manufacturing (around 45%) being carried out abroad, this is a growing concern.

Currently there are no schemes in place to help customers and consumers make informed decisions about the safety and performance of LED luminaire products. And with a few reported cases of electric shock due to faulty electrical construction or overheating, the safety of several lighting products has been questioned.

We have over 50 years' experience in independent and impartial testing and certification of lighting products. This includes performance verification testing, CE marking and a BSI Kitemark™ scheme for industrial and domestic luminaires, emergency lighting luminaires;  as well as central power systems and automatic test systems for emergency luminaires. BSI Kitemark™ scheme for luminaires is designed to help manufacturers and suppliers demonstrate the safety of their products, and verify all their performance claims. As a result, they will be able to differentiate themselves from competition with an independent, third party stamp of quality, safety and performance.

Standards the scheme covers

BS EN60598-1 – Luminaires. General requirements and tests

BS EN60598 series – Luminaires. Safety related general and particular requirements and tests.

BS 4533-102 series – Luminaires. Safety related particular requirements

BS EN 6059-2-22 – Luminaires. Particular requirements for emergency lighting

BS EN 50171 – Central power supply systems for luminaires

BS EN 50170 – Electrical supply track systems for luminaires

BS EN62034 – Automatic test systems for battery powered emergency escape lighting

BS EN62560 – Self-ballasted LED –lamps for general lighting services by voltage >50V

BS EN6212 – Self-ballasted LED-lamps for general lighting services with supply voltages >50V

IEC 62717 – LED modules for general lighting. Performance requirements

IEC 62722-1 – Luminaire performance Pt. 1 general requirements

 IEC 62722-2 – Particular requirements for LED luminaires