Kitemark for Microgeneration

Kitemark Scheme for Microgeneration

Included in the Kitemark scheme for these products is full MCS certification - BSI is now a UKAS accredited certification body to assess under MCS. Consumers who use installers and technologies certified to MCS may be eligible for Clean Energy Cash Back Incentives (Feed-In Tariffs). Feed-In Tariffs provide guaranteed payments to individuals, businesses and communities for small-scale electricity generation.

By achieving Kitemark certification you can step ahead of your competitors and soon gain not only the MCS certification but the prestigious, unrivalled and trusted Kitemark certification - a real benefit to you, your company and your customers.

Solid Biomass Fired Heating Systems (MCS 008) 

BS EN 13240:2001+A2:2004
Room heaters fired by solid fuels

BS EN 14785:2006
Residential space heating appliances fired by wood pellets.   This can be used for boilers and room heaters inside or out.

BS EN 303-5:1999
Heating boilers : Heating boilers with forced draft burners. Heating boilers for solid fuels - hand and automatically fired, nominal heat output of up to 300 KW. The performance and emission criteria detailed in MCC 008 issue 1.0 clause 7

BS EN 13240:2001+A2:2004 
or when tested in accordance with BS EN 14785:2006 Efficiency and emissions of solid

BS EN 12809:2001+A1:2004,  or BS EN 303-5:1999 (for boilers operating on sealed systems) as applicable efficiency and emissions of solid biomass fired boilers (up to 50KW)

Micro & Small Wind Turbines (MCS 006)

British Wind Energy Association small wind turbine performance and safety standard, 29 Feb 2008 requires:
BS EN 61400-12-1:2006,
BS EN 61400-11:2003
and BS EN 61400-2:2006

Heat Pumps - (MCS 007)

BS EN 14511:2007 (Parts 1 to 4) – Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages and heat pumps with electrically driven compressors for space heating and cooling.

Solar Photovoltaic Modules (MCS 005)

BS EN 61215:2005
Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic modules

BS EN 61646:1977

Thin film terrestrial photovoltaic modules Note: for roof integrated modules see also MCS 005 clause 5b.

Solar Collectors (MCS 004)

BS EN 12975-1:2006
Thermal solar systems and components.
BS EN 12976-1:2006
Thermal solar systems and components. Factory made systems.   Note: for roof integrated modules see also MCS 004 clause 5b.