Motorists believe in the BSI Kitemark™

The BSI Kitemark has been in existence since 1903. Since then it’s been used as a symbol of quality and safety, recognised and valued by consumers for years as a truly independent guarantee of quality wherever it is seen and that includes vehicle damage repairs.

Don’t just take our word for it

The BSI Kitemark for Vehicle Body Repair is all about the Quality, Safety and Trust that we know consumers look for from an independent survey commissioned by BSI*:


A staggering 94 per cent of vehicle owners support unannounced inspections to make sure garage standards remain high. Unannounced regular visits by BSI Kitemark inspectors are an essential feature of BSI Kitemark approval which other schemes do not offer.


Almost a third of respondents worried about the safety of their vehicle, after it had been repaired.   Failure of a body shop to adopt the correct repair method could in certain cases seriously affect the vehicles integrity in the way it may perform in the event of an accident. The BSI Kitemark scheme insists that the correct repair methods and quality control procedures are followed, not to mention the use and maintenance of suitable tools and equipment, and appropriate parts.


84 per cent of drivers said that they would feel more comfortable if the repair centre had the BSI Kitemark for Vehicle Damage Repair.

As a BSI Kitemark-approved vehicle repairer you can take advantage of the positive association of quality, safety and trust that consumers recognize with the BSI Kitemark.