ISO 55001:2014 Asset Management

If your organization has multiple assets at the heart of the business, you’ll know that an efficient asset management strategy, regardless of whether the assets are financial, physical or organizational, should contribute to better operating results, performance and ultimately improve your bottom line.

ISO 55001 Asset Management supersedes PAS 55

Superseding PAS 55 Asset Management – which has proved to be one of the most popular standards of all time – ISO 55001, accompanied by ISO 55000 ‘Overview, principles and terminology’ and ISO 55002 ‘Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001’ will support businesses in achieving the best possible net return from assets while reducing the cost of ownership. With the key difference being that PAS 55 focused on physical assets only whilst ISO 55001 reflects a consideration of all types of financial, organizational and physical assets.

What is ISO 55001?

A new international suite of standards has been created to give guidance in asset management best practise. ISO 55001 focuses on helping you develop a proactive lifecycle asset management system. This supports optimization of assets and reduces the overall cost of ownership while helping you to meet the necessary performance and safety requirements.

Are you ready for Asset Management?

Whether you’re new to Asset Management or looking to take your expertise further, we have training, resources and services to help you on your way. We offer both certification and verification to ISO 55001, supporting you in meeting your business requirements, whatever they may be.  Verification is available to compliment your certification or as a standalone service, depending on the needs of your business.