Member Role Description

The following Role Description specifies the requirements necessary to contribute effectively to the operation of DERG.

Members of DERG:

  • Are all self-declared disabled people (in line with the definition in the Equality Act) with professional and technical knowledge of at least one of the BSI-CPI work areas:
Accessibility/Design for All
Children’s Interests
ICT (including Security-Privacy)
International standards
Risk (including Signs & Symbols)


  • Own a telephone and computer, are computer-literate, have relevant applications and access to the internet. They must have the capability both to communicate clearly and effectively via e-mail and telephone and to process written information.
  • Agree to be an active member in accordance with the purpose of the group. This can be achieved in one of two ways:
    - a) as a Background Expert, who provides feedback and comments on requests made by the CPIC or the CPIN in relation to BSI standards (note that Background Experts do not attend Technical Committee meetings); or
    - b) as a CPI Representative on Technical Committees (note that this involves a separate recruitment process by the CPI Unit - DERG members have to comply with this process and the outcomes).
  • Have a constructive attitude to working with CPIN members and BSI staff and have the ability to build effective relationships in order to advance the work of DERG within BSI.
  • Accept that as a DERG member, they are working in an unpaid capacity.
  • Agree to work in a non-political way and in accordance with the values of BSI.
  • Agree to respect the basic tenets of BSI with regard to consensus and confidentiality and declare any personal interest that could compromise DERG, the CPI Network or the values of BSI.
  • Agree to make it clear when they express their own views, that this is as an individual (i.e. not a BSI view), or declare that it is the view of an organisation to which they are affiliated. If a DERG view is requested, DERG members’ views will be collated and fed into BSI by the DERG Coordinator. As a CPI Rep, the member should put forward the CPI line, as discussed and agreed with their CPIC.
  • Agree to meet requests by the CPI Coordinator for Design for All, in accordance with the DERG Role Description.
  • Agree to access BSI public web pages, the BSI e-Committees system and any other relevant BSI systems, in order to view reports of meetings and conferences, guidance, useful links, etc. If the DERG member is also a CPI Rep, they will also be expected to make their own travel arrangements to and from meetings, complete electronic Rolling Reports, then upload these onto e-Committees and to claim their travel expenses on the Global Expense system, Concur. (Reasonable adjustments will be made by the CPIU for those who have difficulty accessing any BSI system.)
  • Agree to participate in training, where relevant, on the recommendation of the DERG Coordinator and the CPI Unit.
  • Agree that their appointment will be for a probationary period of 6 months, followed by a review. If their membership is confirmed, there will then be annual reviews to discuss progress and suitability in the role.

To use email and telephone as the principal means of contact (other communication methods may be considered, because of a member’s disability).

Will not do anything that could bring DERG, the CPI Network or BSI Group into disrepute.