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2015 News

23 September 2015

First three companies certified by BSI to revised Quality Management Systems Standard on the same day the revised standard has been published

Salus, Overbury and Costain are the first three UK companies to be independently assessed by BSI and achieve certification to the revised Quality Management Systems Standard, ISO 9001:2015.



25 August 2015

Facilities management briefing standard is revised

BSI has revised BS 8536-1 Briefing for design and construction: Code of practice for facilities management (Buildings infrastructure). The standard has been included in the Level 2 BIM package of documents required for Government contract tenders.



24 August 2015

BSI obtains first global accreditation for the new Quality Management standard ISO 9001:2015 from ANAB

BSI, the business standards company, is the first to receive official global accreditation status from the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) for the new Quality Management Standard, ISO 9001:2015.

21 August 2015

BSI Chief Executive, Howard Kerr comments on recent CBI figures

Many sub-sectors in the CBI Report – including mechanical engineering and metal manufacture – supplied below average export figures.



12 August 2015

Standard for testing the CO2 absorbent used in breathing equipment is published

BSI has published BS 8618,Granular carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbent material for life support, diving, hyper- and hypobaric applications – Specification. Divers use mixtures of oxygen and breathing gases during a dive.



07 August 2015

New standard helps construction sector reduce waste during building projects

BSI has published BS 8895-2 Designing for material efficiency in building projects – Part 2: Code of practice for Concept Design and Developed Design. Reducing and managing waste is high on the UK’s Sustainability agenda, particularly from the construction sector which is the largest contributor of waste.



04 August 2015

Time to raise the bar in Complaints Handling with new standard

BSI has published BS 8543:2015 Complaint handling in organizations. It is the first new standard in this area for some years and sets out good practice for a complaint-handling process, including planning, design, operation, maintenance and improvement.



30 July 2015

New people management standard is published

BSI, the business standards company, has published BS 76000 Human resource - Valuing people- Management system - Requirements and guidance. All comments from the 100-day public consultation, have been gathered and considered, to develop a principles-based management system standard for human capital.



29 July 2015

Risk Index report Supply Chain Intelligence Raises Alarm Human Rights Breaches

The risk of organizations breaching international human rights regulations has risen significantly over the last quarter as key Asian economies adapt to tougher economic conditions.



16 July 2015

E-cigarettes guidance published

BSI, has collaborated with the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) to develop PAS 54115 Vaping products, including electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, e-shisha and directly-related products – Manufacture, importation, testing and labelling – Guide.



13 July 2015

Board Appointment at BSI

BSI is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Stephen Page as a Non-executive Director with effect from 1 September 2015.



10 July 2015

ISO 9001 Quality Management System final draft standard published

In September the 2015 edition of ISO 9001 will publish – the first major revision of the standard since 2000. A final draft of the standard has now been released which incorporates changes made following feedback from users and experts around the world.



09 July 2015

New dementia care guidance is published

Following the Prime Minister’s 2012 challenge to improve dementia care by 2015, PAS 1365 Code of practice for the recognition of dementia-friendly communities in England has been published by BSI in conjunction with Alzheimer’s Society and the Department of Health.



03 July 2015

Final ISO 14001 Environmental Management System draft standard revised

As the world’s first and most-widely adopted international standard for environmental management systems, ISO 14001 has helped over 300,000 organizations improve their environmental performance. To ensure that ISO 14001 continues to serve organizations and maintain its relevance in today’s market place, the standard has been revised.



01 July 2015

Security management standard is published

BSI, the business standards company has published BS 16000 Security management - strategic and operational guidelines. This guidance provides the basic principles of security management and describes what should be included to effectively manage security in organizations of all types and sizes.





Latest fire protection standard for doors is revised

BSI has revised BS 7273-4:2015 Code of Practice for the operation of fire protection measures - Part 4. The standard was developed using collaborative input from the fire and safety industry.

30 June 2015

Ground gas standard is revised

BSI has revised BS 8485 Code of practice for the design of protective measures for methane and carbon dioxide ground gases for new buildings.



09 June 2015

New report shows standards contributed towards £8.2 billion* of GDP growth

BSI today publishes independent research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) demonstrating the economic benefits of standards to the UK and to individual UK businesses.



03 June 2015

BSI expands its environmental consulting and engineering offering with Acquisition of Hill Country Environmental, Inc.

BSI, the business standards company, has acquired Texas-based Hill Country Environmental, Inc. Hill Country provides a full range of environmental consulting and engineering services to assist companies with complex air quality, waste water and hazardous waste permitting and environmental regulatory compliance issues.



03 June 2015

Board Changes at BSI

BSI announces two Board changes. John Regazzi, a Non-executive Director, retired from the Board on 31 May 2015 after completing nine years of distinguished service. The Board is also pleased to announce the appointment on 1 June 2015 of Alicja Lesniak as a Non-executive Director.



29 May 2015

AXA Life Insurance strengthens business resilience with ISO 22301 certification

BSI Group Japan K.K., the business standards company has certified AXA Life Insurance, Japan to ISO 22301, the international standard for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS).



19 May 2015

Pest Management standard published

BSI has recently published the first European standard on pest management services, BS EN 16636 Pest management services - Requirements and competences - to improve the quality of these services throughout Europe.



12 May 2015

Newly revised topsoil standard is published

BSI has revised BS 3882 Specification for topsoil. This standard supports the landscape industry by reducing the risk of multiple user-driven specifications.



05 May 2015

Code of Practice for wellness apps published

BSI has developed PAS 277 Health and wellness apps – Quality criteria across the life cycle – Code of practice in conjunction with Innovate UK.



30 April 2015

Offshore renewable energy guide published

BSI has published PD 6900 Environmental impact assessment for offshore renewable energy projects – Guide, in conjunction with Innovate UK. The guidance was developed with input from RenewableUK, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and Marine Scotland amongst others.



29 April 2015

Independent living standard published

BSI has published PAS 278, Principles for the provision of information and advice to individuals to support independent living – Code of practice in conjunction with Innovate UK.



21 April 2015

BSI Global Supply Chain Intelligence report reveals global business impact of security, human rights and environmental violations

Report reveals that $33 billion of business losses due to natural disasters and $23 billion of cargo theft in 2014. Additionally, one third of the world’s fastest growing exporters located in countries rated as high risk for human rights or environmental violations.



20 April 2015

BSI maintains 15 years of revenue growth with record 2014

BSI, the business standards company, has announced its results for the year ended 31 December 2014. Growth of 6% maintains BSI’s unbroken 15-year track record of annual increases in underlying revenue.



31 March 2015

Financial services consumer contact details standard is published

BSI, has published PAS 156, Specification for the maintenance of financial services customer data which establishes good practice for maintaining accurate customer records.



31 March 2015

Comment on the latest draft of occupational health and safety standard ISO 45001

A new international standard on occupational health and safety management is currently under development with publication expected in October 2016. The second committee draft of ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management standard systems – requirements with guidance for use is now open, with UK comments requested by 1 May 2015.



16 March 2015

Supply chain complexity top business continuity concern for manufacturing industry

A third (35%) of businesses in the manufacturing industry are extremely concerned about potential supply chain disruption according to research released by BSI, the business standards company and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).



12 March 2015

Latest Smart Cities guidance for city leaders is published

BSI has published a guidance document supporting the Government’s smart cities standardization strategy. PD 8100, Smart cities overview – Guide was sponsored by BIS (Department for Innovations & Skills) and is the latest in the suite of Smart Cities standards.



10 March 2015

CCTV remote monitoring standard is published

BSI has fully revised the standard which ensures the integrity and effectiveness of an installed CCTV system is not compromised.



26 February 2015

New standard helps businesses identify their key environmental impacts

BSI, the business standards company, has recently published a new standard to help businesses become more aware of how biodiversity issues can affect their environmental impact.



17 February 2015

Cyber-attack seen as top business threat

Cyber-attack is the top threat perceived by businesses, according to the fourth annual Horizon Scan report published today by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), in association with BSI. Supply chain disruption is reported as the fastest rising threat, up 11 places since last year.



02 February 2015

Legal admissibility standard for electronic information is revised

BSI has recently revised the standard which helps organizations manage the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems. BS 10008:2014 Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information- Specification also offers guidance on the storage and transfer of information.



28 January 2015

BSI presents the next generation of supply chain risk and compliance management solutions

BSI announces the launch of its enhanced Supplier Compliance Manager (SCM) and Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN) solutions.




14 January 2015

BSI enters US consultancy market with EORM acquisition

BSI, the business standards company, today announced the acquisition of the US consultancy Environmental and Occupational Risk Management, Inc. (EORM), based in San Jose, California. From today, EORM will operate under the name, EORM – A BSI Professional Services Company.