ISO 14091 Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change is impacting organizations in various ways and will continue to do so for decades to come. Organizations have a growing need to understand, mitigate, and manage climate change risks. Climate change risk assessment is key in this context. For responses to be delivered at the necessary pace and scale, it is important that risk assessment approaches are systematic and replicable, permitting learning within and between assessments as new knowledge, technology and experience arise.

ISO 14091 standard supports local governments and communities in adapting to climate change based on vulnerability, impacts, and risk assessments. Risk assessments improve the planning of adaptation to climate change and inform the implementation and monitoring of climate change adaptation activities. Adaptation is usually more effective when initiated at an early stage of project development, and when undertaken as a planned process, rather than in response to experiencing impacts. Better knowledge of climate change risks will make it easier and cheaper to respond.