BS 76000:2015 Implementation

Long-term organizational effectiveness is achieved through the contributions of those people who work on behalf of an organization. The use of a management system promotes a structured and thoughtful approach to people value management at both strategic and operational levels of the organization.

This British Standard provides a framework for an organization to create an individually tailored management system, or to align existing systems, to realize the full value (actual or potential) that people provide to the organization through their capabilities, knowledge, skills, networks, experience, behaviours and attitudes.

You will learn how to develop an implementation plan, establish the necessary documentation, monitor your organizations’ management system for valuing people and achieve continual improvement of a quality step-by-step.

This Online Course is available in English.

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How will I benefit?

  • What is a Valuing People Management System (VMS);
  • The benefits of a VMS;
  • The terms and definitions used;
  • Key concepts, principles and structure;
  • The main requirements of BS 76000:2015.