Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  • To get to the root of the problem efficiently and thereby improve a process, effective problem-solvers use something called root cause analysis.
  • Root causes can be uncovered and analyzed by using a number or approaches, techniques, and tools that help the problem-solver get to the heart of the problem and find its cause(s). Some such tools are generic and can be used in many applications; others are suited solely for root cause analysis.
  • Root cause analysis is best suited for the average employee and is not reserved for the organization's quality manager. The results from using it ate most effective when it is applied in groups of caring employees who want to improve their work situation and the products or services they generate. 

Who should apply?

Processes owners, Quality Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Project Leaders, and anyone responsible for overseeing, or who will be involved in, the Root Cause Analysis process in an organization.

What will I learn?

Module 1: Root Cause Analysis  

  • A Definition of root cause analysis.
  • Groups of root cause analysis tools.
  • Conducting a root cause analysis.
  • Workshop

 Module 2: Tools for possible cause generation and consensus reaching

  • Possible cause generation and consensus reaching
  • The purpose and applications of brainstorming
  • The purpose and applications of brain writing
  • The steps in brain writing
  • Exercise

Who will I benefit?

  • Understanding of RCA and Develop continuous improvement that provides on-going future benefits to your company’s growth and success.
  • Develop more effective techniques, improve evaluation and communication skills, increase your ability to implement corrective action programs .

Further Information

Participants who successfully complete the course will be issued a certificate by BSI


The course is designed for people who are responsible for processes and activities within the organization.

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