What are you doing to protect your supply chain, brand and reputation?

As supply chains continue to grow, visibility decreases leaving your supply chain vulnerable. Not knowing who your suppliers are or what they are doing puts your organization at risk of suffering destructive financial and reputational damages.

Why do you need a risk management program?

It’s important to know what your risks are, and how to counteract them in order to protect your supply chain and brand. By implementing the proper risk management solutions and services, your organization will be able to mitigate global supply chain threats before they can impact your operations.  

To develop and maintain a successful risk management program, organizations should look for a solution provider that:

  • Is seen as an authority in supply chain risk management
  • Increases their visibility into geographic and supply chain risks
  • Effectively manages and tracks supplier assessments, corrective actions and communications
  • Continuously improves their risk and compliance programs

10 ways to eliminate risk in your supply chain

Courtney Foster, EMEA Supply Chain Solutions Manager at BSI, explains how SME-owners can save money and promote their brand by looking more closely at risk in their supply chain.

BSI's Supply Chain Global Intelligence Report

BSI conducted a webinar briefing on the report which is based on data from BSI's Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN).

To get exclusive insight from the Report's contributor Courtney Foster.