Webinar: CAV trialling; from standards to real world application

Connected and automated vehicle (CAVs) technologies present significant and potentially transformational opportunities – for society and the individual, contributing to safer roads and less congestion, as well as greener and more accessible transport.

One of the most important areas of CAV technology progression surrounds user and consumer safety. This is central to gradually building mainstream trust and comfort with the concept, as CAVs will operate with little or no human input.

During this live webinar we will hear from three expert speakers. Nick Fleming, Head of Sector, Transport and Mobility for BSI Standards, will cover BSI Standards’ work with the UK Government’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) to develop the PAS 1880 programme of good practice to support the development of CAVs. Rob Brown, Global Head of Automotive for BSI Assurance, will focus on BSI’s role in the UK Government-funded ‘Project Endeavour’ to research the development of an assessment scheme to support the real world application of the safe trialling of CAVs on public roads. And Head of Safety at autonomous driving software company, Oxbotica, Dr Alexandro Badea-Romero, will share Oxbotica’s experiences and learnings of applying the safety specifications during the Project Endeavour trials.


Attendees will hear about:

  • The CAV trialling standards; their purpose and application
  • The latest news on the assessment methodologies being deployed to help ensure the safe trialling of CAVs on UK public roads today
  • The learnings from applying safety specifications during the Project Endeavour trials
  • The global applicability of the standards and assessment
  • The future of standards in relation to CAVs
  • The SDGs that CAV technologies and applications contribute to

This webinar will be relevant to those responsible for the trialling of CAVs, be it in a software development company, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or within a local or national Government agency or insurance company.

We will be running the webinar twice to cater to different time zones - register by selecting your preferred time below.

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