What is a PAS? - Middle East and Africa

A PAS (Publicly Available Specification) is a fast-track standardization document – the result of an expert consulting service from BSI.

It defines good practice standards for a product, service or process. It’s developed by a steering group of stakeholders, selected from relevant fields and led by BSI. And it’s a powerful way to establish the integrity of new innovation or approach. 

You can have a PAS for a wide variety of issues and sectors. Recent PASs include detailed specifications for e-cigarette manufacturing and new guidelines on dementia care.

  • Supports business growth – by giving industry innovations a badge of authority

  • Get to market faster – by creating a rapid route to standardization

  • Build trust in your organization – by setting the bar for good practice

  • Raise your industry and media profile – by linking with BSI’s respected brand

  • Take a leadership role in your sector – by helping to resolve its strategic issues