ISO 50001 Final Draft International Standard

To make sure that the standard is keeping pace with the changes in the energy sector, ISO 50001 is currently under review. It has reached the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) stage. Publication of the official standard is expected on the 15th September.

The key changes and benefits of the revised standard are expected to include:

  • A stronger emphasis on the responsibility of leadership
  • Clarification of key concepts related to energy performance
  • Improved compatibility with ISO 14001 and other ISO management system standards
  • Improved sections on data collection and normalization
  • The realignment of the content of the standard to the high level structure

Start preparing for your transition

Helpful information

Our CEO Brief provides the key facts about the changes to the standard so that you can start preparing your senior leadership team today.

If you'd like to learn more about how the new standard will be structured, our Introducing AnnexSL Whitepaper can help.

For guidance only, the ISO/FDIS 50001 Mapping Guide provides an overview of the changes, deletions, new or enhanced requirements.