ISO 31000:2018 Advanced Lead Risk Manager

All organizations face uncertainty in meeting their objectives. As a proven methodology, risk management is a systematic framework and process for maximizing those areas where outcomes can be controlled while minimizing those that cannot be predicted, and over which control cannot be exercised.

ISO 31000:2018 and IEC 31010:2019 are the international standards to guide organizations for an effective and efficient risk management structure to enable better decision-making. ISO 31000 is the risk management guidance standard with a comprehensive and structured approach. IEC 31010 is an international standard giving guidance on how to select and apply risk assessment techniques in a wide range of contexts. The standard provides guidance on the selection and application of risk assessment techniques in a wide range of contexts.

In this innovative, delegate centric and interactive training course, Delegates will find the opportunity to discuss and learn these different techniques which are used to aid decision-making where there’s uncertainty; to provide information about risks; and as part of a process for managing risk. It provides summaries of a range of techniques, with references to other documents where the techniques are described in more detail.

This Online Course is available in English.

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How will I Benefit?

  • Gain knowledge on the principles, framework, risk management process and various risk assessment techniques. Through activities and workshops, delegates will gain skills on establishing, implementing and maintaining a risk management process;
  • Understand the principles, framework and process, and their relationships described in ISO 31000:2018;
  • Assist your organizations in implementing a risk management framework based on the guidelines of this standard;
  • Understand governance and leadership roles when managing risk at all levels;
  • Provide confidence in conducting a baseline review, identify gaps, and start preparing a Gantt Chart to help your organization to align to the guidelines of ISO 31000:2018;
  • Understand commonly used risk assessment techniques which are described in IEC 31010 standard.