BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships

Avoid the pitfalls of partnership working by investing in BS 11000 collaborative business relationships. Collaborative working can be great for business. It gives you access to more services, more opportunities to win work and the resources to compete for bigger contracts. BS 11000 shows you how to eliminate the known pitfalls of poor communication. It also defines roles and responsibilities and supports collaborative decision-making – making your partnerships all the more valuable to your business. 

I am working towards BS 11000 or I’m interested in certifying

BS 11000:2010 is still valid and will continue to be for a period of time following the publication of the ISO.  The transition period will be advised once the publication date is confirmed but it is expected to be two years.  Businesses already in the process, or about to embark on the journey to certification should continue as planned.  Further details relating to the transition arrangements will be available nearer the time.

Are you ready for collaborative relationships?

Whether you’re new to BS 11000 or want to take your expertise further, we have the right training courses, resources and services. We offer packages that can be customized to your business to start your collaborative relationships – cutting the cost of services you don’t need. A package of BS 11000 products and services can be designed to remove the complexity of getting you where you want to be, whatever your starting point.

What are the benefits of BS 11000?

  • Collaborate successfully with your chosen partners
  • Create a neutral platform for mutual benefit with business partners
  • Define roles and responsibilities to improve decision making processes
  • Share cost, risks, resources, and responsibilities
  • Provide staff with wider training opportunities  
  • Build better relationships that lead to quicker results 

Popular training courses for BS 11000

We use accelerated learning techniques to make sure you fully understand collaborative business relationships. And we put your learning into context with a mixture of classroom teaching, workshops, and interactive sessions.

Why choose BSI?

We pioneered standards more than 100 years ago and today we’re the market leader. We help over 65,000 organizations ranging from top global brands to small ambitious businesses in 150 countries to gain an edge over their competitors. As one of the few organizations that understands standards from start to finish, we don’t only assess how well you’re meeting the standards, but also we create new standards from scratch and train teams globally to use them and perform better. Our knowledge can transform your organization.