The Dubai Mall achieves certification to TISSE 2012 and ISO 10002

Dubai Mall Handover

The Guest Services Department at The Dubai Mall has been awarded TISSE 2012, The International Standard for Service Excellence and ISO 10002:2014, the Customer Service & Satisfaction Management Standard. The certifications were awarded following a series of comprehensive and in depth assessments. 

TICSI is the custodian of The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE), this is the first global standard for customer service in the world. The International Customer Service Standard assists organizations to manage and continuously improve on service quality. It is based on the seven pillars service quality model which assesses policies, products and services, premises, processes, people and measures performance in terms of service quality. Dubai Mall achieved a five star rating which is the highest that an organization can obtain. 

ISO 10002, a Customer Service Management System, outlines management controls and processes that helps organizations to handle customer complaints more effectively and efficiently, to make sure that customers are satisfied with the services provided. ISO 10002 helps to identify complaints, their cause, how to eliminate them and identify where to make improvements.

The five star rating, coupled with the ISO Certification, shows The Dubai Mall Guest Services Department’s committement and dedication to providing the highest quality service to all visitors.