NSITF attains ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard

The Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) has been awarded the prestigious ISO 27001 certificate by the British Standard Institution, making it one of the leading social security institutions in Africa.

Chairman of the NSITF board, Mrs. Ngozi Olejeme said at the presentation ceremony in Abuja that with the certification, the agency has strategically endowed itself with values that repose stakeholders' confidence on the quality of what they get from the funds when they do business.

She said "we now have in place a system that can detect the minuet risk factors in our operations thereby reducing loss to its barest minimum". She said that in an environment where an average individual is suspicious of relying on information from public institutions for planning purposes, "we are glad to say that with the ISO 27001, NSITF has overcome that suspicion. Our commitment to the confidentiality, availability and integrity for information assets can only get better”.

"NSITF is proud to be among a very elite group of public institutions whose security practice and drive for excellence in its operations meet the rigorous ISO 27001 standard. Achieving this milestone makes the fund a leading social security institution in Africa. It is critical to the NSITF transformation roadmap”.

"NSITF is happy to be a global best practice government institution embracing the highest echelon of standards that ensure efficiency and dependency of its operations as a result of its development of global standard information security mechanism".

Acting Managing of the Fund, Godson Dinneya said that the fund was committed to actively raising the quality of life for every worker, saying "we want all employees regardless of sector, industry or status to be rest assured that the ECS provides the necessary social insurance benefits in tandem with global best practices. Our task is to make it possible. Our mission is to be proactive in providing social security protection and safety nets for all Nigerians against deprivation and income insecurity in accordance with National and International laws, conventions and world best practices”.

"It is for the aforementioned reasons that NSITF has invested in world class ICT systems and services to enable the effective storage retrieval and analysis of the employee compensation scheme's information assets. ISO27001:2013 has strategically positioned NSITF in a transparent light which gives confidence to all stakeholders and all Nigerians as a whole to do business with the fund. In an environment where the average citizen is suspicious in dealing with government organizations, ISO27001:2013 shows NSITF management commitment to take seriously the confidentiality, availability and integrity of its information assets."

(Source: www.worldstagegroup.com)