Etisalat’s Corporate Communication Department Receives ISO 9001:2008 Certificate (Quality Management System)

Etisalat’s Corporate Communication Department today received an ISO 9001-2008 certificate from the British Standards Institution (BSI) as recognition of its commitment to implement international quality standards. This certification reflects the Corporation’s objectives and aspirations to present the best services and products for its customers according to international standards.

The Corporate Communication Department is one of the core departments within Etisalat as it is considered to be the interface through which the organisation communicates with various customer categories.   

During the ceremony, Ali Al Ahmed, Chief Corporate Communication Officer, Etisalat, said:  “This new accomplishment reflects the ongoing enhancement of the Corporate Communication Department to implement world-class standards, in line with Etisalat’s strategic vision of providing the best products and services for its customers. The department is a key unit within Etisalat, and these new standards will enhance the way we communicate with our customers and audiences.”
He added: “This distinction confirms Etisalat’s success in its strategy to offer distinguished operational performance in all fields, while reaffirming the Corporation’s continued growth and success.”

The ISO 9001-2008 certificate, which companies all over the world seek to achieve, implements a quality system according to international standards in order to achieve stability and balance in performance, control resources and operations, as well as product and service development.
Etisalat has achieved this certification in other departments, including those specialised in financial auditing, contracts management and costs control, as the Corporation believes in the importance of implementing systems that increase quality culture in all aspects of the organisation.


Etisalat realises the value of best practices and makes permanent strides to implement world-class management systems to consistently enhance its service level. This is reflected in the Corporation’s achievements in being awarded international certificates such as ISO 9001and information security management system ISO 27001, amongst others.
The certificate, which was presented by British Standards Institution (BSI)-a certification body accredited by UKAS ,United Kingdom Accreditation Services, determines the ability of companies to meet required working practices through field visits and examination of systems, in order to meet customer requirements.