Dubai Civil Defense formally accepts KITEMARK® for domestic market

BSI has received formal acceptance of the Kitemark for fire products in the Dubai domestic market.


The scope of this acceptance is by far the largest of all the recognised certification bodies and gives BSI the largest share of certification business in the Dubai domestic market. Manufacturers need to have their products certified by one of the organisations accepted by the Dubai Civil Defence.
For manufacturers of fire safety equipment this is a significant advantage as it will open up more business opportunities.

There remains a large amount of building work in progress in Dubai, despite their economic downturn, and the Kitemark will help manufacturers gain access to this market. The application to the Dubai Civil Defence, a general department of the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior, required BSI to demonstrate that the Kitemark schemes for each product met the very strict certification needs of the Dubai domestic market.
The application document required evidence of UKAS accreditation as well as independ – ence and integrity. BSI was also able to draw on expert knowledge from across the business to satisfy the Dubai Civil Defence´s very stringent demands.

As a direct result of this there has been a noticeable increase in requests for Kitemark certification for this market covering many different product types including fire extinguishers, fire hoses and couplings, fire blankets, fire hydrants, fire detection and alarm systems.
With similar acceptance in Qatar and Kuwait for the same products, BSI is one of the leading certification providers for the UAE market in fire products