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Here at BSI, we recognize that small businesses sometimes need a helping hand in maintaining or growing their businesses. Our dedicated team has been providing support to organizations with less than 50 employees for a long time. We work with businesses like yours every day to ensure there is help and support available as you address your business challenges.

We understand that taking that next step can be daunting and that some help from a company like ours, which has great experience, can take your business to the next level.

The Difference

ISO 9001 - Gain competitive advantage, retain customers through consistently excellent service, and boost operational efficiency:

  • 71% of clients acquired new customers and retained existing clients
  • 75% of clients improved levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • 75% of clients boosted operational performance

ISO 14001 - Improve staff morale, cut costs and increase profits:

  • 63% of organizations attribute direct cost savings to it
  • 61% of organizations report higher morale among staff

10 Steps to Certification

12 SME business leaders discuss growth post recession

How do SMEs cope with changes and disruptions, while at the same time see opportunities in this ever-changing world? This was just one of the topics discussed when BSI, in collaboration with the Institute of Directors (IoD), met and talked with a diverse group of 12 SME business leaders to discuss growth post-recession.

Get an excellent insight into what these businesses talked about, from sharing their experiences to discussing the factors that generated growth in their areas of expertise:

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