BSI Membership shows you’re committed to high standards

In an increasingly competitive world, standards can mean the difference between success and failure, and that’s why more and more organizations use them. Being a BSI Member means you gain a superb package of benefits and impressive price discounts so you can make the most of the standards you use. But above all it shows that you’re really committed to performing better and delivering excellence. Hundreds of new Members join each month. Shouldn’t you join too?

Membership benefits and why it makes sense

If your organization has made a commitment to raising standards and improving performance, BSI Membership will help you do this more effectively and with greater efficiency. Membership also sends a powerful message to customers that you believe in the highest standards.

Save 50% on standards
and conferences

One of the key benefits is a series of large discounts of up to 50% on standards, subscriptions and conferences.

These discounts can outweigh the cost of Membership, irrespective of all the other benefits that Membership brings.

Free help from the Knowledge Centre

BSI Knowledge Centre is an extraordinary resource that gives Members exclusive access to a team of professional researchers and a set of powerful databases of international standards.

Should you become a Member?

Use this quick guide to understand what kinds of organizations benefit most from BSI Membership – and find out whether Membership is right for you.

What Membership

An ‘at a glance’ guide to what Membership might cost you. Subscription prices vary depending on the type and size of your organization.

BSI Membership Portal

We have launched the Member Portal - your dedicated membership website. It's here you can read news, commentary, features and white papers and watch videos relevant to the industry you work in and chosen by you. On the homepage you can access public articles.