What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is the biggest planned home improvement programme for more than 60 years aiming to cut CO2 emissions in housing by 29% and in workplaces by 13%. It is a huge opportunity for providers of energy efficient measures such as insulation as well as installers of the measures and those giving advice on how to make buildings more energy efficient. It is anticipated that 14 million homes will be retrofitted with energy efficient measures by 2020.

BSI is one of the first wave of UKAS accredited Certification bodies for the Green Deal appointed by DECC (The Department of Energy and Climate Change) to certify  Providers, Installers and Advice Organizations.

Green Deal is a UK government initiative that aims to improve energy performance in homes and commercial buildings. It recommends that buildings will be retrofitted with energy efficiency products, which will be paid for by electricity bills over the payback time of the product. The initiative could lead to smart meters being rolled out, energy performance certificates becoming more accessible, more transparent energy bills and energy providers supporting consumers in improving energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of the Green Deal?

Property owners do not pay any upfront cost for the energy efficiency measures. Instead, payments will be made through electricity bills for the lifetime of the products installed, known as “The Golden Rule”. And as you use energy more efficiently, you’ll actually be saving money on lower bills. Plus, the Green Deal Bank will fund the initiative, so the debt liability will lie with the property rather than the owner.