Testing and certification for IoT and connected devices

Testing and certification for IoT and connected devices

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Testing and certification for IoT and connected devices
Testing and certification for IoT and connected devices
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Services available from BSI

No matter where you are on your product development journey, our team of skilled IoT professionals work with you to reduce risk and identify issues early on, accelerate time to market and build resilience.

Provides an initial indication of risks and any remedial actions that must be undertaken to protect devices, applications or cloud services. Useful at product design stage and can help accelerate and de-risk time-to-market.

When you need independent verification of test data relating to a product we can review all your technical information and files, carry out further tests as appropriate and issue a BSI Verification Certificate. Can help demonstrate that products are secure as appropriate for their intended use.

Independent certification to help differentiate your device, enhance your reputation and boost customer confidence. Devices are tested for functionality, interoperability and security initially and on an ongoing basis to make sure that standards do not slip or change over time. The ultimate mark of trust.

We also offer a number of related services including:

UK Government-backed certification programme designed to enable you to put in place the security procedures and measures to help protect your organization and to keep your data safe and secure.

Independently testing of websites or mobile apps to make sure they have the security controls in place for the information they are handling.

BSI works in partnership with The Police Digital Security Centre in the UK (PDSC) so that SME’s with a lower cyber risk can apply for the Digitally Aware certificate. Organizations with a higher exposure of risk to cyber-crime are offered the opportunity to obtain a Digitally Resilient certificate with BSI.

How we’ve helped clients with IoT testing and certification

  • "BSI Kitemark certification sets us apart from others on the market. It provides a mark of trust for customers, demonstrating that our connected products are safe, secure and fit for purpose throughout their life."


  • “Through certification to the BSI Kitemark for IoT Devices, we are demonstrating our commitment to be the very best in our industry, both now and in the future.”


  • “BSI Kitemark certification gives users the reassurance they need that their ERA Protect camera or alarm system is going to perform the job they want it to, without compromising the safety of their systems and data.”