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ESG de Electronische Signatuur B.V.

6361 HC Nuth

The Netherlands

Certificate/Licence number:

ETS 047





On the request of ESG De Electronische Signatuur B.V. (hereafter referred to as: ESG), the annual certification audit on all areas and processes was performed by BSI Group The Netherlands B.V. (John M. Keynesplein 9, 1066 EP Amsterdam, The Netherlands) on behalf of BSI Assurance UK Ltd. The full audit covered all applicable requirements from the audit criteria listed below (see “Audit Information”) and are defined in ESG’s Statement of Applicability, dated 23 May 2018 and the Overview of Applicability, dated 3 May 2018. The scope of the assessment comprised the following Trust Service Provider component services: §,,Dissemination Service (p); §,,Revocation Management Service (c); §,,Revocation Status Service (c). The TSP component services are performed, partly (p) or completely (c) by subcontractors under the final responsibility of ESG. These TSP component services are being provided for the following non-qualified trust services: §,,Issuance of public key certificates, in accordance with the policies: NCP+, OVCP and PTC The certificates are issued through the issuing Certification Authorities, as specified below: Root CA: Staat der Nederlanden Root CA - G2 (not in scope) Domain CA: Staat der Nederlanden Organisatie CA – G2 (not in scope) Issuing CA: ESG Organisatie CA - G2 §,,Authenticiteit,,,,,,(2.16.528.1.1003. §,,Vertrouwelijkheid,,,,,,(2.16.528.1.1003. §,,Services – Authenticiteit,,,,(2.16.528.1.1003. §,,Services - Vertrouwelijkheid,,(2.16.528.1.1003. §,,Services - Server,,,,,,(2.16.528.1.1003. Domain CA: Staat der Nederlanden Burger CA – G2 (not in scope) Issuing CA: ESG Burger CA - G2 §,,Authenticiteit,,,,,,(2.16.528.1.1003. §,,Vertrouwelijkheid,,,,,,(2.16.528.1.1003. The Certification Authority processes and services are documented in the following documents: §,,Certification Practice Statement 7.6, 4 December 2017 §,,PKI Disclosure Statement 1.1, 29 June 2017 Our annual certification audit wa