Operational Technology (OT) Security for the C-Suite

With the increased use of smart devices, the rapid pace of digital transformation and the emergence of Industry 4.0, there is an ever-increasing need for board members to understand the dialogue and security challenges that come with these technologies. This one-hour course is designed to provide senior management and board members with an understanding of the technologies, languages, and security risks posed to organizations and enable them to make policy and organizational decisions around safety, security risk, and overall effectiveness in line with business strategies.

Duration: 1 hour

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Who should attend?

  • Senior Managers and board members seeking to gain an understanding of OT and the use as well as risk to businesses

What will I learn?

  • A better understanding of the top safety and security concerns with OT based systems and devices
  • A better understanding of the top down approach (Governance) to mitigating risks
  • An understanding of the core priorities from a technical standpoint along with cascaded affects to productivity, safety and overall business resilience

Course schedule

  • Introduction to OT Environments vs Enterprise Environments
  • The importance of OT devices and systems to the business
  • An understanding of Attack trends and threats to OT environments (to include examples)
  • OT Security mitigation strategies and golden rules to reduce risk for operators and engineers

What's included

  • Handouts or digital copy of the materials
  • Certificate of attendance