Food Safety Culture Training Course

What is a food safety culture?

  • Food safety culture is defined by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as ‘shared values, beliefs and norms that affect mind-set and behaviour toward food safety in, across and throughout an organization.’
  • There are many elements that assist in creative a positive and effective culture that ensures food safety.


Why is Food Safety Culture important?

  • Food safety management system have been in place, certified and at a level of maturity for decades.
  • Despite this the food industry still suffers from incidents such as product recalls, food poisoning outbreaks, and allergen contamination.
  • There is one common factor in every incident – people and the way they behave! The culture of an organization is determined by this behaviour, and this impacts the ‘safety culture’ – i.e. their behaviour determines the safety of the food they produce.

Training course