Reliability Centered Maintenance Practitioner

Reliability-Centered Maintenance, often known as RCM, is an industrial improvement approach focused on identifying and establishing the operational, maintenance, and capital improvement policies that will manage the risks of equipment failure most effectively.
Reliability centered maintenance is an engineering framework that enables the definition of a complete maintenance regime. It regards maintenance as the means to maintain the functions a user may require of machinery in a defined operating context

Who should attend?

  • Facilities Managers
  • Maintenance Engineers / Technicians responsible for the planning / executing of maintenance and engineering activities
  • Senior Operators responsible for smooth operation of operating systems
  • Personnel concerned in Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Maintenance / Operations planners

What will I learn?

The course delivers specific information on topics including:

  • Evolution of Maintenance
  • Background on RCM
  • Classifications of Maintenance
  • RCM Process Framework (7 questions)
    o Functions and Standards
    o Functional Failures
    o Causes of Functional Failure
    o Effects of Functional Failure
    o Impact of Functional Failure
    o Actions to Prevent Functional Failure
    o Actions to Mitigate Functional Failure

How will I benefit?

The course delivers specific information on topics including:

  • To understand the fundamentals of maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • To understand how RCM is integrated in and supports the maintenance strategy
  • To understand the methodology to populate the RCM Function and RCM Analysis Sheets
  • To be able to participate effectively in a RCM Review Team

Further information

Participants who pass the daily and the final assessment will be granted an attendance certificate.


There are no formal prerequisites for this course.


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