BSI is the only current UKAS accredited independent inspection body for the conduct of Shared Flue Inspections to assist landlords and others responsible for shared flues to meet their safety obligations both generally and particularly under the legal obligations of The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations.

Shared flues are commonly found in high rise properties and allow the products of combustion from many gas appliances (boilers, water heaters, gas fires etc) to be taken away safely and also provide the necessary combustion air to these appliances. Failure to adequately maintain a shared flue system can lead to unsafe gas appliances.

What is Fluescan?

Fluescan is a full inspection and assessment service that involves the use of sophisticated video cameras and specialist endoscope equipment that can assess all parts of the shared flue system. We can also monitor duct velocity and conduct combustion checks that provide the right solution for your shared flue safety and maintenance needs.

BSI is able to conduct inspections on all three-flue types, “SE-Duct”, “U-Duct” and the less common “Shunt-Duct”.

The Benefits of a Fluescan Inspection

BSI’s Fluescan inspection services can help:

  • Ensure the landlord meets their legal obligations
  • Manage building owners maintenance costs
  • Ensure Safe operation of shared flue systems