eDiscovery professional services

We use our expertise in eDiscovery to solve your legal and regulatory issues. We understand the challenges and investment eDiscovery demands so we continuously invest in our people and methodologies to ensure you receive the best support for managing your Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

Working across Europe, we have extensive experience and knowledge of local and international eDiscovery legislation, which ensures we know and follow correct protocols.

Litigation and internal investigations

eDiscovery is unpredictable and demands specialised skills, technologies and resources. When eDiscovery is not a main function for your organization it is vital to engage experienced professionals who have the skills to deliver defensible results. We apply world class project management techniques and leading technology to collect and analyse large volumes of data quickly and accurately, enabling you to make informed decisions for your specific requirements.

Regulation, risk and compliance

At some point most corporate organizations will be confronted with a regulatory request or a court order to produce electronic documents for external or internal review or for use as evidence in legal proceedings. With the proliferation in ESI across a range of devices, it is difficult to know where to look and how to effectively separate relevant information from non-relevant information.

Our eDiscovery experts and technology solutions can fully support your organization to facilitate an efficient process for reviewing electronic evidence in scope of a regulatory or court order request.

Moving eDiscovery in-house

For some organizations eDiscovery has become a core business process in response to an increasingly challenging corporate environment with constricting regulations and continuous litigation actions.

In heavily-regulated industries and other organizations that have an existing IT infrastructure, people with the relevant skills and  understanding of the eDiscovery process often decide to manage eDiscovery in-house, with  an appropriate technology solution. Our consultants will work  with you to identify and deploy the best technology to suit your organizations needs.