BSI Document Manager

Information flow across an organization can be fragmented and hard to manage but knowing whether staff have read a document, understood a policy or undertaken relevant training, can have significant benefits in terms of business performance, operational efficiency and costs.

Improve knowledge and performance through training and document control

  • Allows the creation, review and distribution of documents including policies, work instructions, procedures
  • ensures all users have instant access to the information they need for their roles
  • tracks and manages each user’s training needs
  • increases efficiency and improves performance, by optimising training and ensuring awareness of corporate procedures and policies.

Creation and distribution of documents

Document Manager makes it simple for authorized users to create or upload version control policies and procedures, which can then be circulated for review. 

Once the document is published Document Manager can be used to notify targeted individuals, groups, departments or regions that it requires their attention. Automated knowledge assessments can be associated to documents, policies and reports to ensure complete understanding. Training notifications can also be automated, and training tracked and managed.

Learn how Document Manager can help you

  • Improve overall business performance with improved training and awareness of corporate procedures and policies
  • Reduce the cost of document management and 
  • knowledge transfer with the portal and best practice features
  • Avoid costly incidents and loss and improve business performance with a growing and retained corporate best practice knowledge base
  • Improve operational efficiency by providing all users with the right information instantly and when it is needed
  • Increase efficiency by providing employees with a user-specific dashboard that highlights actions, tasks, responsibilities and training needs
  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency with company-wide communication and information management tools