BSI Action Manager

Tracking findings including non-conformities, difficulties addressing the root cause of problems, managing related actions in a timely and effective manner are just some of the common challenges we see within organizations.

Our customers are constantly striving to streamline their processes and make improvements in their business. That is why we created BSI Action Manager to identify areas of improvement and drive actions to resolve and correct the issue.

Manage all your actions in one place

Action Manager lets you record, track, manage actions and maintain accurate records of findings, including non-conformities, anywhere in your organization.

The powerful online tool brings together every aspect of identifying and resolving non-conformities or findings within your organization – all in one place.

You can easily:

  • Raise findings
  • Assign actions
  • Identify root causes
  • Close out actions and approve
  • View reports and spot trends to implement improvements
  • Create recurring actions
  • Create an action or project plan

Benefits of Action Manager

With this single tool you can save operational time and cost, by managing the corrective action process more efficiently and more effectively, reduce the risk of non-compliance across your organization and resolve issues more quickly.

Action Manager works across all your systems, departments and sites, to help you drive continuous business improvement and make excellence a habit in your organization.