Business Continuity Institute - Horizon Scan Report 2017

The BCI Horizon Scan Report, created in association with BSI, is an annual report that identifies threats to organizations worldwide.

It also measures the feelings of business continuity and resilience professionals by indicating their level of concern to different risks and threats.The report complements in-house analysis and benchmarks horizon scanning activity among organizations across regions and industry sectors.

Data cited in this report was obtained from a survey which began on October 2016 and ran for eight weeks. The total number of respondents globally were 726 from 79 countries.

Cyber attack is once again the top threat perceived by businesses, 88% of organizations are either ‘extremely concerned’ or ‘concerned’ about the possibility of a cyber attack. The threat of a data breach remains in second place (81%), while unplanned IT and telecom outage stays in third place (80%).

For the first time in the study’s six-year history, the threat of uncertainty around the introduction of new laws and regulations has entered the list of top ten business continuity concerns in the Horizon Scan Report.

These external events underscore the interconnected nature of risks and demonstrate the need for businesses to take them into account and plan accordingly.

 This year’s global top ten threats to business continuity are:

  1. Cyber attack
  2. Data breach 
  3. Unplanned IT and telecom outages 
  4. Security incident 
  5. Adverse weather
  6. Interruption to utility supply 
  7. Act of terrorism 
  8. Supply chain disruption 
  9. Availability of key skills 
  10. New laws or regulations 

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