BSI Assurance Portal

BSI Assurance Portal

24/7 access to your essential BSI assessment information

24/7 access to your essential BSI assessment information

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BSI Assurance Portal

Our BSI Assurance Portal is a convenient way for you to interact with us as your certification body. With 24/7 access to essential information, such as your next 12 months of visit dates, audit reports, and certificates, it gives you great support to effectively manage your BSI assessments.

With one central system you get better visibility of your findings across different locations and certificates* to help you spot trends, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Plus it enables you to compare your performance against industry benchmarks to help monitor your progress and improvements.      

“Graphs are great, in particular the findings graphs”

“We have 4 certifications and can see clearly when dates are booked.”  

Assurance Portal benefits

  • Convenience: 24/7, self-serve access to your BSI assessment information
  • Efficiency: Manage your BSI corrective action plans through a centralized system
  • Visibility: See the status off all your corrective action plans as they progress as well as any tasks you set
  • Confidence: View the progress of new and updated BSI certificates
  • Measure: Profile your performance against industry benchmarks to drive your business forward
  • Analytics: Obtain quick-view information on BSI findings from all your different assessment visit
  • Promotion: Access logos and assurance marks to help promote your success  

How does Assurance Portal work?

You can complete and submit any Corrective Actions Plans (CAP) that are required off the back of you audit visit in one single, centralized repository. This allows you to track and review all NCRs, regardless of scheme and geographic location*, along with details of the certificate, your assessor, findings and locations. This makes it easier to review performance across your organization and spot opportunities for improvement. 

Next steps

Choose BSI. From your very first BSI certificate* you’ll gain access to the Assurance Portal so you can start effectively managing your assessment experience with us. You’ll receive an email with instruction to activate and set up an account  where your BSI assessment findings and non-conformities (NCRs) will be automatically delivered .

Contact us for more details and to discuss your BSI assessment requirements

* Some schemes (e.g. AS, IATF, IS0 13485) and geographical locations not currently supported.