Workflow assessments inform plan design resulting in 100% reduction in patient handling injuries


Patient handling injuries are a challenge in most hospitals, particularly intensive care units. This intensive care unit had seen a dramatic increase in patient handling injuries, with an incident rate of over 11 injuries per 100 employees. This resulted in decreased morale and staff shortages.


BSI started with a risk assessment and process analysis to better understand the current workflow. Our consultants observed operations and talked with staff at many levels, from front line caregivers to hospital leadership. From this research, BSI worked with the team to create and implement a plan focusing on three main strategies:

  • Providing patient mobilization equipment in every room.
  • Conducting a process alignment with the OR and ICU and providing extra training on equipment use to maximize the gains from the financial investment in new equipment.
  • Staging contests between shifts to increase employee engagement and drive behavior change.


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