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Associate Safety Professional (ASP)
Exam Prep Workshop
May 24-26 in Hillsboro, Oregon

If you or others in your organization have considered obtaining your Associate Safety Professional (ASP) designation, we will be hosting an ASP Exam Preparation Workshop at our BSI EHS Services and Solutions (formerly EORM) office in Hillsboro, Oregon (Portland area) this May 24-26. 

Presented by SPAN™ International Training LLC, this three-day course will help prepare you for the Board of Certified Safety Professionals’ Safety Fundamentals Examination, which leads to ASP designation. The sessions will include lectures, sample problems, and discussions on a variety of subjects to prepare you for the exam.

You can learn more about the importance and value of the ASP designation and the exam itself here on the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) website.

For detailed information about the exam preparation course – content, costs, continuing education credits and registration – download the workshop flyer. Feel free to forward and share with others in your organization who might be interested in attending.

We hope to see you here in May.

ASP Workshop