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Industrial ergonomics for managers: beyond keyboards, monitors, and office chairs

A free breakfast seminar

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

AmberGlen Corporate Center
1600 NW Compton Drive
Suite 130 (Conference Center)
Hillsboro, OR

Attendance is limited
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Unique ergonomic challenges in the industrial workplace and the unique strategies and tools available to solve them

The industrial workplace – manufacturing, engineering, construction and other non-office environments – presents a myriad of unique and often elevated ergonomic risks. With hundreds of different tasks and pieces of equipment in use at any individual worksite, it might seem impossible to develop programs, standards and trainings that can produce measurable, cost-effective reductions in employee injuries.

Whether you are considering starting an ergonomics program or questioning the effectiveness of the one you have, sorting through the facts and fiction of everyday ergonomic issues can be challenging, costing your organization the full results or return on investment you could be achieving.

  • How can you balance ergonomics, productivity and bottom line demands?
  • How can you create a long-term, sustainable, successful program?
  • How do you select the most effective ergonomic tools and techniques?
  • How do you make the case for your ergonomics program to management? 

What you will learn

Workplace ergonomics is an evolving science, with new research, tools and strategies emerging every year. At this workshop we’ll present some of the key concepts that will help managers of industrial workforces better understand the risks, causes and solutions associated with industrial ergonomics including:

  • Concepts relevant to repetitive motion injuries
  • Implementing successful participatory ergonomic programs
  • Current hot topics of debate around industrial ergonomics
  • Simple and low cost in-house solutions for industrial workplaces

Following this concise, information-packed workshop, you’ll return to work with:

  • Greater understanding of the current industrial ergonomic issues and available solutions
  • Next steps – how to get your industrial ergonomics program under way or back on track

Bring your organization’s specific challenges and questions to present during the Q&A session following the presentation.     


Check-in, breakfast served
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9:45 - 10:00 AM

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