Certificates of Conformity UAE Civil Defence

BSI is an approved testing and certification body for UAE Civil Defence for provision of certificates of conformity (CoC) which is mandated throughout the Emirates

Civil Defence CoC’s are implemented under the UAE fire and life safety code and listed products require full product certification requiring type testing in accordance with the applicable standard and a factory audit at the place of manufacture.

BSI is currently approved for the following categories of product (specific standards are listed on the Civil Defence site)
• Fire Suppression
• Fire Detection
• Emergency Lighting
• Gas Products (not appliances)

Manufacturers that seek testing and certification from BSI will attain the BSI Kitemark™ before receiving a CoC and it is important to inform BSI at the earliest stage possible if a CoC is required due to the strict requirements imposed by the Civil Defence for this level of approval

Why choose BSI to meet the Pressure Equipment Directive requirements?

BSI is a Notified Body for the Pressure Equipment Directive and a leading provider of testing and certification solutions.

We offer a complete compliance service on products including design appraisal, from fire extinguishers to major industrial installations. Our expert and dedicated PED team support customers through every step of the certification process.

Our experience enables clients to achieve PED compliance with minimal or no interruption to production, inspections/audits and consideration to keeping your costs down.