ISO 9001:2015 Pathway Training

A step-by-step approach to get your organization ready for certification

At BSI, we know the value ISO 9001:2015 can bring to your organization - improving efficiency, operational effectiveness and profitability. And we also know that effective implementation is key to getting the very best out of the standard.

Our combined training and gap assessment program will get your organization in the best possible shape to implement and operate ISO 9001:2015 and independently assess how ready it is for certification.

 How will you benefit?

In-house knowledge

Develop the skills to implement ISO 9001 in-house, which can help to reduce reliance on external consultants and boost operational resilience.

Increased impact

We train your project team together, working through example case studies, they will learn faster and be able to implement the standard more effectively.

Deeper insight

Our gap assessment will help identify any major gaps or weaknesses in your approach following the program, allowing a deeper insight into what changes and improvements are needed.

Added value

Rather than attending each course individually, our combined solution offers a more cost effective approach saving you time and money - while being trained at a location of your choice.

Avoid costly mistakes

By bringing together different levels and teams across the organization, you’ll embed effective performance processes and maximize the benefits of the standard.

Better engagement

Engage with colleagues from different departments and levels. You’ll increase awareness and understanding of each other’s roles, as well as staff morale.

Enhanced flexibility

Training a project team in implementing and auditing a standard means greater flexibility in allocating implementation and auditing tasks - reducing reliance on one or two team members.

Convenient approach

You can choose which days to hold each trainingsession, whether its three consecutive days or split over a few weeks, you’ll learn at a pace that suits you.