BSI Excellerator

BSI's brand new tool which allows you to assess strengths and weaknesses of your industry sector effectively and easily at no extra cost.

The all new BSI Excellerator

Our unique Excellerator Report looks at the way your management system is performing and provides you with detailed analysis.

It will tell you how well your management system is working, and benchmarks your performance against other organizations in your sector. This means we can assess you against industry trends, combining performance assessment with an analysis of risks that may face your organization.

With this knowledge, you can make decisions to prevent and reduce these risks. You can also change things in areas where you may not be performing as well as you could – or recognize where you are excelling so you can ensure you stay that way.

How does Excellerator work?

  • We measure the benefits you receive from your management system.
  • We compare these benefits with the averages for your industry sector.
  • We highlight repeated areas of weakness in your system, based on our auditor's audit findings.
  • We show you how you compare with the industry averages so you can understand your strengths and weaknesses compared with other organizations in your sector.
  • Based on the depth and breadth of we can highlight where organizations of similar breed have also faced challenges with their management system.
  • This will give you a better understanding of the risks to your system and the root cause of some of the challenges you face.

Why measure management systems?

Simply: management systems benefit businesses. We asked more than 10,000 of our clients worldwide to measure the benefits they get from their key management systems. Our findings are listed below.:

  • 75% improved operational performance with ISO 9001.
  • 74% said their reputation had grown with ISO 14001.
  • 85% improved stakeholder performance with ISO/IEC 27001.*

Our aim is to build on these improvements and help you maximize them.

* Source: International BSI Excellerator Research 2011